Kingston 128 GB Class 10 Micro SD Card


Key Features

> Capacity: 128 GB
> Speed Class: 10
> Supports all SD card Devices and PC
> Max. Read Speed: 45 MB/s
> Min. Write Speed: 10 MB/s
> Water / Temp / Shock / X-ray Proof


The most trust SD Card!
Are you running out of in-built storage of your smartphone or any SD card supportable device? Kingston`s Class – 10 micro SD Memory Card is a best solution to your needs. The class – 10 capability enables the card for speedy data transfer and offers 128 GB storage which is a enough space for storing large data such as Movies,pictures,Music etc. Just insert the SD card to your device and get instant external storage for your device. The card is both water and shock proof, so quality would not be an issue; and convenient in portability.


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